Craft Brew and Coloring

Craft Brew and Coloring

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Relax with Corvallis Made Craft Beer

They will enjoy several Corvallis, Oregon made craft brews while engaging in a relaxing activity…. coloring in a snarky "#Beerlife coloring book. Contains beer themed color pages with a twist of humor. For those who enjoy relaxing with a great craft beer and a good laugh.

This gift includes alcohol. You must be 21 years of age to order or receive this gift.

Hand delivery in Corvallis area

Cider and Mead options are Ship-able to the following states: California, Alaska, Idaho, Nebraska, New Mexico, Virginia, District of Columbia, Louisiana, Nevada, West Virginia, Wyoming, North Dakota & within Oregon.


*Please note: Not all contents shown in pictures at left are in this gift. Please see content descriptions below.

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Corvallis Made Craft Beer and Coloring Contents:

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  1. Gift Basket or Gift Box (Deluxe is a 2 Tiered Gift Box)

  2. Regular or Deluxe Options.

  3. Add Cheese if you like!

Regular Options Include:

  • Block 15 Brewing Sticky Hands IPA Can

  • Mazama Brewing Juicy IPA or other available can

  • Block 15 Bottled Seasonal, Specialty, or Current Release such as The Prophecies Quad Ale

  • Mazama Brewing Large Bottled Pyroclastic Porter or other available Seasonal, Special Release or Current Release

  • #Beerlife Snarky Adult Coloring Book for Beer Lovers

  • Box of Colored Pencils

  • 33 Books Craft Beer Journal (Portland)

  • Themed “Drink Local” Steel Bottle Opener or Mountain Bike Shaped Metal Key Ring Bottle Opener

Add Snacks:

2 tier gift box design

All contents shown above plus:

  • Yeti Snacks Garlic Inferno or Classic Seasoned Pretzels (Eugene)

  • Painted Hills Beef Jerky in Hickory Smoked, Black Pepper, or Campfire BBQ (Fossil)

  • Albina City Nuts Seasoned Mixed Nuts (Portland)

Add Cheese:

  • Add Oregon State Creamery Porter Soaked Cheddar Cheese (Corvallis)

(Remember this option is time sensitive. Shipping to East Coast or during Summer months may require expedited shipping for cheese to be guaranteed)

Choose your preferred color scheme and theme. Birthday, thank you, congratulations, Oregon, female or any holiday theme.

  1. Gift Basket or Gift Box (Deluxe is a 2 Tiered Gift Box)

  2. Regular or Deluxe Options.

  3. Add Cheese if you like!