Oregon Office Cheese Party

Oregon Office Cheese Party

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A Cheesy Party for up to 8

Perfect gift for groups such as an office or gathering or one super lucky person! We will hand deliver an afternoon feast of cheese, crackers, dip, pepper jelly, mustard, nuts and other Oregon made goodies in the Corvallis area or we can ship. There is even a slate cheese board with chalk to identify the cheese type, which is always great for groups when employees will be coming in and out of the break room to enjoy.

  • Hand delivered gifts in the Corvallis area will be delivered ready to enjoy with the whites chilled and the reds room temp.

  • Choose to add napkins, cups and utensils and sour cream for the dip mix! (local delivery only)

  • Choose your cheese! We carry Face Rock Cheddars and Oregon State University Creamery Cider, Porter and Pinot Noir Soaked Cheddars.

  • Choose Your Color Scheme!

Brand It!

Let us add your company branding so everyone knows who sent it. Show that your company is top notch and values its clients and business relationships enough to send a high quality, Oregon made gift, not one filled with junk and deceptive gift packaging. You know what we are talking about…those “gourmet”, mass produced gift foods that are packaged to look all big and fantastic, but when you open them, there is a tiny sample inside, that is far from anything resembling “gourmet”. Stand out from the rest and show you value your clients more than that by giving them real gourmet food made by small business artisans in Oregon.

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Cheese Party for Group or Office

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Oregon Made Artisan Foods by Small Businesses 


  • Yeti Snacks Seasoned Pretzels (Eugene)
  • Painted Hills Natural Beef Jerky (Fossil)
  • Albina City Nuts Mixed Nuts (Portland)
  • River's Edge Dip Mix (Roseburg) Available Varieties: Fiesta, Onion, Spinach, Dill, Garlic Vegetable, or Smoky Chipotle **we will add in sour cream to mix it up for hand delivered office gifts.
  • Justy's Jelly Very Berry or Pineapple Habanero Pepper Jelly (Redmond)
  • Haus Barhyte Whole Grain Garlic Mustard or Champagne & Honey Mustard (Pendleton)
  • Elki Water Crackers in Chili or Plain (Wilsonville)
  • Saucy Mama Garlic Stuffed Olives (Pendleton)
  • Spielman Bagel Chips with Jacobsen Salt (Portland)
  • Slate Cheese Cutting Board with Chalk

Your Choice of Two Types of Cheese. Choose from:

  1. Face Rock Aged, Extra Aged, Smoked Cheddar
  2. Oregon State Creamery Cider, Porter, Pinot Noir soaked Cheddar