Earth Conscious 



Designed with our Earth in Mind

We care about how our business effects the earth. While it is currently not possible to make a 100% green basket, we are committed to providing all that we can to make them earth friendlier. We do this in the following ways:

  • Besides being more sustainable and supporting our community, we choose local so as to decrease our shipping and therefore our carbon footprint

  • We use recycled and biodegradable tissues and paper shreds

  • We use natural shaved aspen wood, also known as excelsior

  • We re-purpose the cardboard boxes our products come in for our basket supports, as well as collect scrap cardboard and paper from local businesses

  • We choose tulle fabric wrap as our first choice over plastics for the wrapping of our baskets

  • We now have biodegradable, compost-able cello made from wood, with the look of plastic, to wrap our baskets, without the environmental impact

  • While we do use baskets, we also try to use alternative containers that might be more useful and less likely to be thrown out, for example magazine holders, organizational bins and reusable shopping bags

Reuse and Repurposing Ideas

In our efforts to be mindful of how our business effects the earth, we do more than use earth friendlier materials in the construction of our gift baskets.  We are always looking for ways and ideas on how to repurpose or reuse the packaging or items in our baskets.  We have many practical and grand ideas for upcycling on Pinterest and our Blog

Local Sustainable Resources

Don't know where to take your items to recycle or reuse?  Click here to see the Corvallis Reuse Directory, courtesy of our partner, the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition.