Bella Vino Gift Baskets, Gift Baskets & Parcels, Corvallis, OR

The Small Print


Hand-Delivery- We hand deliver to the Corvallis area, including the Oregon State University campus. Corporate Accounts qualify for free delivery when delivered to the office location. We can ship to cities outside of this area, depending on basket design and size.  See shipping policies below.

We do not leave baskets on doorsteps. We will call your recipient to set up a delivery time when someone will be home to receive the basket and provide identification for baskets with alcohol.

Delivery Fees:  

  • Corvallis & Philomath $10 (Free for corporate accounts)

  • Albany $12

  • Lebanon $15

  • Re-delivery on OSU campus: $15

Oregon State University- Campus deliveries can be challenging.  Most dormitories do not allow direct to room deliveries and some do not have a front desk to drop off baskets.  We will need to coordinate with your student to get them their basket. Please be sure to provide a phone number and any additional information you might have to help make deliveries successful.  We will charge a re-delivery fee of $15, if we have to re-attempt delivery. WE CANNOT DELIVER ALCOHOL to the dorms.


Standard Ground Shipping: Typical ground shipping is 4-7 business days outside of Oregon and 1-2 within. This is most economical and we will do everything we can to utilize this option.  Please see our policies on perishables

International Shipping - We do not ship internationally.


  • We can not ship to PO boxes.

  • We can not bundle multiple order shipments. Each basket must be in its own box to ensure proper packaging and to make sure it arrives in the same condition.

  • Shipping Costs can not be refunded, unless the carrier fails to meet their guaranteed delivery date.

  • Wrong or incomplete addresses given are not eligible for refund.

  • Ground shipping can not be sent to military addresses or to Hawaii or Alaska.

  • Wine is not allowed for shipment to Military Addresses or any states not listed under "Alcohol" shipping.

Incorrect Addresses-

Please be sure you provide us with the correct address.  Additional fees will apply from the carrier for wrong addresses.  Hand deliveries will be charged for a second delivery.  Please double check those addresses before submitting.

Summer Ground Shipping of Perishables

We ship cheese, chocolate or other temperature sensitive perishables during the hot summer months via Ground shipping only within Oregon, typically July-September.

We do not ship cheese or chocolate outside of Oregon from May-October unless expedited 2 Day shipping or higher is selected. We will NOT refund any customer that select ground shipping when perishables are included in their gift during this time period. You assume all risk when electing to ship outside of our recommended guidelines for safety.

Perishables- are items such as cheese, meats and chocolates. Baskets containing perishables ordered Thursday-Friday will not be shipped until Monday.

Express Shipping - All Baskets containing cheese shipping outside of Oregon & some rural parts of Oregon require expedited shipping to ensure food safety. Shipping carriers will not guarantee delivery for Ground shipping, therefore, expedited shipping is necessary to avoid delays and ensure safety. If you select Ground shipping for options with cheese, we WILL NOT provide refunds. You assume all risk if you choose outside of our expedited shipping recommendation.

Shipping Alcohol - We are licensed through the OLCC to ship baskets with wine and craft alcoholic beverages like beer, cider and mead.  We cannot sell or ship spirits. 

We can also hand deliver baskets in the Corvallis area with wine or craft beverages.

Beer can be shipped within Oregon ONLY or hand delivered locally.

Wine can be shipped to the following states:  California, Alaska, Idaho, Nebraska, New Mexico, Virginia, District of Columbia, Louisiana, Nevada, West Virginia, Wyoming, North Dakota & within Oregon.  Wine can not be shipped to the Midwest and Northeast during the winter months of November-February due to the possibility of the wine freezing.

Adult Signature- All baskets containing wine or beer will require an adult signature at the time of package delivery. The shippers charge a $5.50 fee for the required adult signature and will be added to your shipping bill.  If your recipient is not available on the first attempt, a re-delivery will be attempted.  If that is unsuccessful, a third attempt may require an additional fee by the shipping carriers.  If the delivery is still not made, your recipient will then have to go directly to the local FEDEX to pick up their package.

Holidays- Shipping times are extended during holidays, especially Christmas. Please allow for this and order early so we can be sure to get your orders shipped out for holiday delivery.

Custom Gifts

Custom Budgets- Because we use only the highest quality products and utilize every attention to hand-detail, our minimum custom gift basket price is $80 and gift boxes, $60. When setting your budget on the custom form, understand that this will be outside of the shipping costs, so please factor in another $10-$25 additionally added to your invoice, depending on the size and weight of your gift.  When we receive your requested budget, we will not go any more than $5 over your maximum budget for the gift itself.  While we try our best to meet your budget, sometimes it is not possible with the items requested or the design.  We will contact you directly if your budget is not reasonable so that either budget or included items can be adjusted.

Pictures-- We will take a picture of your completed basket and email it to you.  Once approval has been given, additional changes may include additional labor charges. If you request changes after it has been hand-delivered to you, a minimum $25+ Rework Fee to cover the cost of re-delivery, labor, lost and new materials for the rework. Additional fees will depend on changes requested. Please look over photos carefully or ask for more detail or additional photos if you are unsure.

All pictures sent to clients or posted online are taken by Leigh Griffith and are of the exclusive work of Bella Vino Gift Baskets and should not be used for anything other than personal use or promotion. Sharing your picture to promote Bella Vino Gifts on social media is acceptable. However, we will seek legal action against any person or entity found using our images as a representative of their own work.

Returns- We guarantee satisfaction with your gift.  If you are unsatisfied, please contact us within 7 days of delivery to discuss your options.  Shipping costs can not be refunded.  Full refunds do not apply when wrong or incomplete addresses are given.

Product Availability - Orders are subject to availability.  While we do our best to keep products in stock, sometimes volume of orders or vendor shortages can cause us to be suddenly out of stock.  We will substitute a product of equal or greater value, as similar as possible. We will notify you when we substitute a product, but will not hold up your order.

Payment-We offer payment with most major credit cards and checking debit through our secure payment gateway which will be provided as a link within your emailed invoice.  We will provide companies with Net 15 & Net 30 terms upon request.  Past due accountsof more than 30 days  are subject to a 12% Monthly Finance Fee.  

Corporate Gifts

Bulk Orders- Businesses ordering n bulk (10 or more), may be asked to pay a 50% deposit upfront, with the remainder due after delivery of the baskets.

Ribbon Set-Up- Please provide a crisp black and white .pdf, .jpg or .png of your company logo.  No shading or gray should be in the logo, since ribbon is created with a hot stamping process by our vendor.  This process only allows one color to be stamped and therefore, no way to differentiate colors or details in your logo.  From set-up to receiving ribbon takes about 7-10 days on average.  Corporate accounts that meet the minimum yearly ordering requirements receive custom logo ribbon in their gifts at no additional cost.  We cover the $80 in upfront set up costs for all our corporate clients.


Delivery-We deliver your baskets either to your company or each recipient, depending on your preference.  Please see our delivery fees above.  

Corporate accounts that meet the minimum yearly ordering requirements receive free delivery when delivered to their office location.

Labeling-For corporate orders, we believe your business should be the focus of your gift. We do discretely put in a business card or stamp/label our name in a way that does not deter from the focus on your company on all of our baskets and gift boxes.


We will consult with your company or organization and create a custom gift proposal to meet the needs of your organization. Any proposals or ideas verbalized, written or shared with your organization are the intellectual property of Leigh Griffith and Bella Vino Gift Baskets, LLC DBA Bella Vino Gifts. While companies may opt to not proceed with the proposal, copying or using those exclusive ideas within the proposal or during the consultation outside of Bella Vino Gifts is unethical and prohibited. We will seek all legal means to cease any copy cat activity and ask for any damages necessary from both your organization and/or any outside services or competitors you provided the information to have create for you.


Your satisfaction is our priority and we work very hard to maintain it throughout the custom process. However, sometimes unforeseeable issues arise so returns, refunds and cancellations are examined on a case-by-case basis.

Shipping and delivery costs are non-refundable.