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Gifts Made by Women in Oregon

Bella Vino Gifts is a small, female owned business in Corvallis, Oregon, that understands the unique challenges that come with being a female entrepreneur. This is why Bella Vino offers gifts that feature all women owned companies and the artisan products they create.  Although this is something that has been included in all of our custom gifts since the start in 2012, we just didn't do a very good job of letting you know that!  This hopefully starts to remedy this oversight as a line of "Female Owned" gift boxes and baskets are now available for purchase... and more being added soon!

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Beer Isn't Just for Dudes!

Lots of women like a good, cold, Oregon made craft brew!  Then why is all of the marketing geared as if only men have the ability to enjoy a good craft beer?  Bella Vino Gifts is developing beer-centered gifts that don't ignore the female preferences. It won't be long before we help level the field on this gross injustice to the beer loving female!


A Personal Note from Owner & Custom Gift Designer, Leigh Griffith

Together We Rise March, Corvallis

Together We Rise March, Corvallis

By women. For women. Supporting women. This is the core of this company and my passion in life. Thank you so much for your support for the last 7 years and for trusting me and my company with your very special gifts. 

As the owner of Bella Vino Gifts, I want to share a personal message with you, as you consider purchasing gifts from my company. As a female entrepreneur, in this heartfelt note, I just want you to know that I appreciate your support and your past or potential purchases of my gifts for the last 7 years in Corvallis and the 5 years before that in Hillsboro!  You not only help support my family, which includes 4 seemingly always very hungry kids, but also the families of the female owned and family owned small businesses in Oregon that I am so proud to feature and promote in my gifts. It takes a village. It takes support to succeed. Women and their allies are supporting one another both socially and economically. Thank you so much for being a part of something that goes far beyond giving custom gifts. You are supporting a community. 



get involved

This is where I get to indulge those who are feeling that 'woman power' electricity happening right now and want to get involved! This is what I do to feed my passion outside of this business. If any of this speaks to you and if you are at all inspired or interested to get involved in Corvallis, please contact me through the contact form on this site or click on the links below to find out more about the following organizations that I work with or within:

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Hand Stamped Messages of Inspiration

Inspire her!  Bella Vino carries a large selection of inspirational ink stamps for both women and men which we hand stamp and color coordinate with your gift box or basket--on EVERY gift we offer. 



female inspired

Zonta Club of Corvallis Rose Day Speaker Missy Smith, founder of Oregon Girls Leadership Summit

Interested in Zonta?  Come check us out at a lunch meeting as a guest.  We meet the first Tuesday of every month at Valley Catering 11:45-1pm.  email us:

"Telling your story is your form of resistance" -Mary Zelinka, CARDV founder. Ready to tell yours?  Check out the Resilience Project Digital Storytelling Workshops.